Fertility and Sterility

  • hormonal (pill, ring, implant, IUS)

  • intra uterine device (copper, hormonal)

  • barrier methods (condoms, diaphragm)

  • natural methods

  • consultation to the sterilisation

  • consultation before planning a pregnancy

  • advice and examinations in case of fertility problems

    • monitoring of the menstrual cycle

    • hormonal analysis

    • advice on lifestyle

    • hormonal stimulation




  • routine check ups

  • Ultrasound examinations

  • Doppler-Sonography, 3-D / 4-D-Sonography

  • advice on prenatal diagnostics

  • follow up of pregnancies at risk

  • only Roswitha Hilsenbeck

  • in cooperation with the

  • Frauenklinik Dr. Geisenhofer


Check up

Consultation for girls

  • gynecological cancer check

  • vaginal ultrasound

  • breast ultrasound

  • gynecological infections

  • hormonal disorders

  • endometriosis

  • testing for sexually transmitted diseases

  • advice and care in problems with menstruation

  • advice on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases

  • counselling in sexual problems

  • completion of vaccinations



Follow up

  • support during that period of transition, that might cause problems

  • advice on phytotherapy, adapted physical activities

  • hormonal therapy

  • after birth

  • advice and care in case of problems after birth

  • breastfeeding advice

  • information on postnatal rebuilding

  • after any gynecological or breast cancer



Urinary incontinence

  • check of your vaccination certificate and general vaccination advice

  • vaccination against HPV (Human papilloma virus) for girls and women

  • vaccinations before planning a pregnancy

  • influenza vaccination in pregnancy and for other indications

  • vaccination against recurrent vaginal or urinary infections

  • analysis of pelvic floor and instruction for specific training

  • medical therapy

  • pessary

  • indication to surgery





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